Airspace surveillance with RF sensors and cameras: Drone defence

More than one million drones fly through German airspace - not all of them with noble intentions. An interesting new market is opening up for video surveillance specialists: The detection and defense of drones used for industrial espionage or other illegal purposes.

Locating the pilot

Markus Trostel, Senior Inside Sales Representative at Dedrone
(Foto: CRN)

»We may produce hardware, but our real product is software,« Markus Trostel, Senior Inside Sales Representative at Dedrone, told CRN. The software ensures that drones are detected and that birds or vehicles on the company premises do not trigger false alarms. It also classifies the drones and uses triangulation to determine their position and that of the pilot. And it can display the trajectory on a map.

In principle, jammers or even network cannons can be integrated into the Dedrone platform, but the use of such defensive measures is subject to strict conditions in Germany. But Trostel explains that at a research location, for example, the blinds can be closed automatically if a drone approaches too far. At an event, visitors can be escorted into a building, someone can be sent to the drop point when an object is dropped - and of course the pilot whose position you know can also be placed.

The entry price for the Dedrone solution is around 20,000 euros, well below that of military and aviation service providers. The channel can obtain the sensors and software from Tech Data, which has been the distributor for Dedrone since last autumn. Before setting up and operating a complete system, however, one should first »simply install an RF sensor to see whether there is a drone problem at all,« recommends Trostel.

(Foto: Dedrone)